Roses and mothers day

I survived another mother’s day. All in all it was a pretty good day. My daughter talked my mom into giving her a few of her mother’s day roses from my brother. I protested that she shouldn’t have to give away her flowers, it was mother’s day after all. But you know how grandma’s are, they spoil their grand kids rotten. So we are driving home, Lily clutching her precious roses. She was pretending to eat them, her brother thought it was funny. I told the kids, you know roses are edible. They thought I was yanking their chain. I insisted, they really are edible, high in vitamin c too, I believe. So after a little research I found out I was correct on both accounts. Its probably a good thing she didn’t eat the roses she had though. It turns out you should never eat a rose from a florist, they are likely to contain pesticides which are poisonous. If I decide to grow roses in my yard I will be sure not to use harsh chemical pesticides. I have never eaten a rose, but now I want to try it.This recipe for Rose Petal Ice Cream sounds yummy.

rose petal ice cream


For now, here is a picture of one of the beautiful roses.


mothers day rose


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