Lily’s birthday cake

I made this cake for Lily’s birthday party. She is turning 9 and what girl doesn’t like a pink flower cake? My first attempt didnt go so well. I made it in a Wilton’s cake pan. I thought that if I baked it the recommended time for a 13×9 pan it would be ok. Boy was I wrong. I baked it early so it could cool before frosting. Jeremy tried to help me transfer it to my cake container, we discovered the bottom turned into a gooey mess. I read the Wilton’s instructions and realized I should have baked it 35 to 40 minutes, oops. So my wonderful Jeremy went to the store at 9pm to get another pink velvet cake mix. He came back with two, just in case. The second attempt turned out much better. I was happy with the way the frosting looks.




This is how Lyle felt about the cake baking.